The Glyderau mountain group take their name from the Welsh word ‘cludair’ meaning a heap of stones and that sums up their landscape pretty accurately. Join MountainXperience as we traverse the eastern side of this popular range.

The walk starts from the Ogwen Centre in the heart of the Ogwen Valley and takes a gentle route up to Bwlch Tryfan with an optional ascent to Tryfan’s summit via its easier south ridge. We then head over on to the Glyders themselves where we’ll stop at the precariously balanced Y Gwyliwr before reaching the summit of Glyder Fach at 994m (3,261ft) then on to its bigger neighbour Glyder Mawr at 1,001m (3,284ft). We continue across the rocky terrain before descending into the Devil’s Kitchen, around Llyn Idwal and back to the Ogwen Centre.

This is a tough walk with a lot of climbing and a hard, stepped descent and with plenty of options to spice it up for those looking for even more of an adventure. If you’re looking to move your mountain walking on to the next stage then this adventure is just for you.

Main image and photo 2 (c) Paul Hooper.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’d recommend no more than eight people but we can be flexible. Get in touch and give us a bit more information about the make up of your group and we’ll be able help.

If your child is used to hill-walking and long days out then they’re more than welcome to join us but must be accompanied by their parent or guardian at all times. If you’re unsure about your child’s suitability please get in touch and we can have a chat.

That all depends on how quick you walk! If walking in a group then we’ll always aim to stay together and will go at the pace of the slowest person. You should treat it as a day out and expect it to take six to eight hours to get to the top and back down again. We never treat these days as races or endurance tests – the idea is to enjoy yourself.

Absolutely not! As with many outdoor activities you can easily spend a fortune on the latest top-end clothing but there’s really no need. Hiking boots are better than walking shoes and walking shoes are better than trainers but if all you have is a pair of firm, comfy trainers then they’ll be fine.

Starting from the bottom up, you’ll need something comfy to walk in. If you’ve bought new footwear try to wear them a few times before you climb Snowdon to make sure they’re a good fit. An extra pair of socks can also be a good idea. Walking trousers are great particularly the ones you can zip the bottoms off to make shorts. Jeans are really bad as if they get wet they become very heavy and are difficult to dry. The key to your top half is layers. Don’t wear a t-shirt then a big heavy coat – better to wear a t-shirt, a fleece of some sort and a jacket – that way you can easily add/remove layers as the conditions change. If you have a hat and gloves then pack them. Remember the temperature on the summit will always be considerably less than at sea level so be prepared. Finally you’ll need a rucksack to carry everything. No need for a huge expedition backpack – just something big enough to carry your lunch and spare bits. If you have any questions about what you need on the day, get in touch.

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