If you’re a North Wales based business or organisation and are interesting in working with us for our mutual benefit then read on.

Becoming a MountainXperience affiliate means selling our adventures to your clients on our behalf. In return, we pay you commission based on a percentage of the booking value. Setup is simple and you can put as much or as little effort in as you like. Of course, the more committed you and your staff are, the more commission you’ll earn. 

We work with hundreds of excited adventurers every year guiding them safely to the summit of Snowdon. We’re immensely proud of our 5* TripAdvisor rating and 100% approval score.

Our Snowdon adventures are hugely popular and with more availability than any other local provider, we’re more likely to be able to service your clients and generate you commission.

The most popular activity we offer is our Hike to the summit of Snowdon adventure where we guide small groups of beginners up and down the mountain. Budding mountaineers are able to join our regular public hikes (running up to five times a week in the summer) or can book a private guide for their own exclusive use any day of the year.

For those looking for something a bit special, we offer Snowdon Sunrise groups hikes in the summer or at any time for those wanting to work with a private guide.

The ultimate adventure has to be summiting Snowdon via the Crib Goch ridge or even talking the entire Snowdon Horseshoe. We run these hikes throughout the season.

How does the commission work?

It’s very simple. We pay you 20% of the value of the booking as a commission to you.

If a family of five book our Climb Snowdon adventure at £145 you’ll earn £29. If twenty families book in a month, that’s a commission of nearly £600.

Our private group rates range from £180 for up to eight people to £260 for up to 12 people. Twenty private bookings a month would net you a commission of over £1000. 

We pay out commission by bank transfer direct to your UK bank account once a month. There is no minimum payout.

How does booking work?

There are a few different ways your guests can book their MountainXperience adventure. The great news for you is that your staff won’t have to handle any money or in fact do anything other than point them to our booking system and we’ll do the rest. We’ll process the payment and send them email confirmation along with a welcome email. Once they’ve booked with us we’ll handle everything.

The links below all include a unique affiliate code which will automatically link the booking to you. Our booking system can then generate a report showing exactly who has booked what product and we can pay out your commission.

Option 1: We provide a simple web link that you can put anywhere on your website. This link takes the user directly to our live availability calendar where they can book online and get instant confirmation. They can book an adventure for that day or for any date this year (why not include the link in your booking confirmation?)

Hike to the summit of Snowdon with MountainXperience
Book online now!

Option 2: Similar to option 1 we provide a QR code for your guests to scan with their smart phone. You can have this code displayed publicly or printed out behind reception for when people ask about climbing Snowdon. As above, the link takes users directly to our online booking system.

Option 3: We can provide some very simple code for you to include on your website that will display our live availability checker. Your guests never have too leave your website in order to book their MountainXperience adventure.

We can provide crib sheets for your front of house staff detailing exactly what adventures we offer along with web link/QR codes for guests to book online. We may also be able to offer bespoke flyers for you to hand out.

So what next?

If you’d like to find out more about becoming a MountainXperience affiliate or are ready to sign up now, please complete the form below and we’ll get right back to you.