You might have noticed a change in our logo from 1st June. There’s a very special reason for this and it’s all about celebrating our membership of a wider community.

Each June we celebrate Pride Month, a time when people come together in love and friendship to show how far LGBTQ+ rights have come. Stemming from the Stonewall riots of the 1960’s, we prefer to look forward and positively towards our shared future. Of course, at MountainXperience, we embrace the LGBTQ+ community in all our activities.

We’re long-standing partners of the UK’s largest outdoor charity, OutdoorLads. They run a range of sociable outdoor activities aimed at the gay, bi and trans community right across the UK and further afield including stuff like hiking, climbing, camping, biking, canoeing, scrambling, running and sailing, as well as purely social events. OutdoorLads Members can get discounts off our activities all year round – check the Membership area of the ODL website for more info.