Blizzard Bags and Blankets

Like car insurance, you buy a Blizzard Blanket or bag hoping that you’ll never need to use one. But just like car insurance it’s a must have for anyone spending time in the mountains.

Blizzard Survival Blankets and Bags are a revolution in thermal protection for any situation where people need to be kept warm or treated immediately for chilling and hypothermia.

Used by walkers, climbers, mountain rescue teams, adventure racers and others, they’re carried as a safety product in case of accidents or an emergency bivouac. Blizzard Blankets and Bags are increasingly being chosen as standard equipment by the military, emergency services, civil emergency planners, medical authorities and rescue teams.

The product range starts with a compact two layer trauma blanket designed for use in an emergency situation where in particular the upper body might need protection. The Blizzard 2 Layer Compact Trauma Blanket is ideal for your day pack or in the car giving great protection at an affordable price of under a tenner.

At the top of end of the range is the Blizzard 3 Layer Survival Bag. This is a full-sized sleeping bag in a pack the size of a book and provides total warmth and shelter anywhere and at any time.

Based locally on the edge of Snowdonia Blizzard Protection Systems offers a range of high quality passive warming systems using their unique material Reflexcell that through its reflective air pocket construction offers the best insulation property of any comparable product. Established in 2000 they originally set out to offer solutions to Hypothermia management in the climbing, mountaineering and outdoor markets, however the products were quickly recognised as a serious aid in the management of Hypothermia particularly in Trauma care.

Blizzard Bags and Blankets

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