Shaven Raspberry

Despite the unusual name, Shaven Raspberry is the website of Scott Amos and Lyle Brotherton, two mountain rescue team members with 30 years experience and a passion for navigation. Their small organisation is dedicated to sourcing and developing quality navigation aids, tools and products for hill walkers, mountaineers, navigators and outdoor enthusiasts. They supply essential navigation tools to mountain rescue and search and rescue teams, outdoor instructors, the military and the emergency services.

Much more than just an online shop, Shaven Raspberry sells quality compasses, handheld GPS devices, their famous navigation reference cards, safety and survival gear, off-grid power accessories, head torches and everything you could possibly need in the outdoors. But what’s different about this website is that all the products they supply have been extensively tested and used by Scott and Lyle in a variety of environments and conditions. They only appear for sale on their website because they have used them themselves and wholeheartedly recommend them.

If you’re looking for quality navigation aids to help with your mountain exploring you won’t go wrong with Shaven Raspberry.

MountainXperience delivers a variety of outdoor navigation and map reading courses for all abilities. Our most popular navigation courses are delivered on behalf of the National Navigation Award Scheme (NNAS). If you’re just starting out then check out our Bronze NNAS Navigator Award courses running in the Peak District. For those already with some navigation skills then our Silver NNAS Navigator Award weekends might be better. We also run an Introduction to Mountain Navigation on one day and intensive NNAS ‘Straight to Silver’ Navigator Award over three days.