Snowdon Summit Weather

If you’re planning to climb Snowdon in the coming days it’s essential you know what the weather’s going to be like at the summit. Checking the mountain weather forecast before setting off will ensure you have the right gear for the day or might even lead you to change your plans altogether.

It’s important to understand how mountain weather differs from the weather we experience in the valleys. Very simply we would expect the temperature to drop by 1°C for every 100m we climb. Snowdon is over 1000m high so typically the temperature will be around 10°C colder at the top than when you started. That’s before we add in any other factors such as wind chill.

Fortunately there are a few great online resources available to help you out. But remember to check a few times as mountain weather can change quickly. We recommend checking a few days out, the night before and the morning of your Snowdon adventure.

Met Office Mountain Weather Forecasts

Probably the most reliable Snowdon summit weather forecast comes from the UK Met Office who provide a detailed weather forecast for Snowdon Summit for the next seven days. Met Office mountain forecasts are easy to read and will look familiar to those who might use the Met Office for their standard weather forecasts. They’re also updated regularly throughout the day which make them the most up-to-date weather forecasts around.

Mountain Weather Information Service

The Mountain Weather Information Service (MWIS) is the go to resource for mountain weather in the UK. Whilst it doesn’t produce a forecast specifically for the summit of Snowdon, its Snowdonia National Park mountain weather forecast will give you detailed but easy-to-read information about what to expect across the Park. They’re prepared by a team of volunteers the day before so aren’t always as current as the Met Office forecasts.

MountainXperience Snowdon Summit Weather App

Finally, our very own Snowdon Summit Weather app for the iPhone is available from the Apple Store. It’s absolutely free and gives you detailed summit weather forecasts for the next five days. The app gives you the general outlook for the day, the chance of precipitation, temperature, feels like temperature, visibility, wind direction, speed and gusts. The data is supplied by the Met Office and updated regularly.

So there’s no excuse for not knowing what the weather’s going to be like on the summit of Snowdon.