If you’re new to mountain walking and you’re joining us to climb Snowdon soon, you’ll need to ensure you’ve got the right kit so you can best enjoy your day out. Use our handy kit list below to get yourself started.

If there’s something on this list you’re not sure about, please get in touch and we’ll happily help. Remember, climbing the highest mountain in Wales will likely be a different experience to your last local walk around the park!


  • Base layer (eg a t-shirt) – a ‘wicking’ layer that sits close to your skin. If you have gym gear or running/sports tops, these are usually ideal.
  • Mid layer – typically a fleece or something else to go over your base layer for extra warmth. It can be useful to carry a spare mid layer in your rucksack.
  • Outer layer – a waterproof/windproof jacket particularly if it’s going to be a rainy day.
  • Wooly hat/sun hat – depending on the weather. It’s often very cold at the summit and this is the most often forgotten piece of clothing.
  • Warm gloves – your fingers are usually what gets cold first. Remember a nice pair of gloves to keep your hands warm.


  • Walking shoes/boots – A comfortable pair of walking shoes or boots are essential. If you’ve bought new footwear, be sure to wear them around the house or on short, local walks before your Snowdon day to ensure they fit well. If it’s definitely going to be a dry day, you can get by with a pair of comfy trainers.
  • Warm socks (plus a spare pair in your rucksack) – make sure you have a comfortable pair of socks that you’ve walked in before. Avoid wearing more than one pair at a time as that can lead to blisters but having a spare pair to change into halfway through the day can be useful.
  • Walking trousers – something that’s comfy to walk in and will dry quickly if they get damp. Jeans are a big ‘no’ as they’re heavy and very difficult to dry out. Tracksuit bottoms aren’t great either but if it’s a dry day you’ll probably be ok. Leggings work well too.
  • Waterproof overtrousers – Useful to have in your rucksack on any day but essential if it’s going to be raining. You can pick these up for as little as a tenner from retailers like Go Outdoors, Sports Direct, etc.


  • Rucksack – A 20-30 litre day sack is perfect and just the right size for a day on Snowdon. There’s no such thing as a waterproof rucksack so if it’s likely to be raining, use smaller dry bags (or plastic carrier bags/a bin liner folded over at the top) to keep the contents dry.
  • Walking poles – if you’re used to walking with poles then these can be useful particularly for the descent but if you’re not, don’t rush out to buy a set.
  • Food – enough to last you all day plus extra! Think snacks and comfort food rather than a picnic.
  • Drinks – at least one litre per person – preferably double that.
  • Head torch – if you’re on a sunrise walk, you’ll need something to help you see in the dark. No need to spend a fortune on the latest USB powered LED head torch – you can pick up something from Amazon for less than a tenner.
  • Suncream – yes, the sun does come out! And as you’re nearer to it and out in it all day, suncream is essential.
  • Personal first aid kit – with some plasters and painkillers plus spares of your usual personal medication.