How can I learn more about map reading?

If you’ve come here looking for help improving your outdoor skills then you’re in the right place. These FREE resources will help you get started with map reading and outdoor navigation and then when you’re ready for the next step, try our Introduction to Mountain NavigationBronze NNAS Navigator Award or Silver NNAS Navigator Award courses.

Map Reading for Beginners

Map reading for beginners is a great resource produced by Ordnance Survey which gives a brief overview of the basics of map reading including map scale, grid lines and grid references, contours, land features and simple compass use.

Beginner’s guide to understanding map contour lines from Ordnance Survey is your great starter resources for discovering how contour lines on maps are used. Understand the terrain around you, including gradients of hills, valleys and steepness of climbs.

Beginner’s guide to understanding map scales is a great starting point for getting to grip with how your map relates from paper to the real world. If you’ve ever wondered what a map scale is, or the difference between OS Landranger and Explorer maps this guide to will help.

Beginner’s guide to grid references explains how Ordnance Survey maps are covered in a series of blue grid lines that are used to pinpoint exact locations anywhere on a map. Learn what these are called and how to find a grid reference.