We sometimes get asked why we start climbing Snowdon so early in the morning? Our regular start time for most Snowdon hikes is 8am but on Saturdays and in August we start even earlier at 7am. So why are we dragging you poor people out of bed while most are still fast asleep? The answer is simple – just look at the photo above.

As the UK’s most popular mountain, with that title comes lots of people. It’s not unusual for there to be queues of up to an hour to get your photo at the summit of Snowdon. But wait! That’s daft having to queue at the top of a mountain to get a photo isn’t it? Yes, we absolutely agree (you can see where we’re going right?)

The queues on Snowdon only really start forming around lunchtime as most people set off on their mountain climb mid-morning. By starting at 8am (or 7am), our group hikes reach the summit at around 10 or 11am meaning no queues.

It’s really that simple! So if someone suggests setting off later in the morning, beware, you’re likely to be surrounded by crowds of tourists and face a long queue at the top.

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